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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 22, No. 4 Contents July 1996
Height, Caliper Growth, and Biomass Response of Ten Shade Tree Species to Treeshelters    (View PDF)
D.W. Burger, G.W. Forister, and P.A. Kiehl
Replacing Soil in the Root Zone of Mature Trees for Better Growth    (View PDF)
Gary W. Watson, Patrick Kelsey, and Klaus Woodtli
Treeshelter Effect on Root Development of Redwood Trees    (View PDF)
Pavel Svihra, David Burger, and Richard Harris
Street Tree Diversity and Dbh in Southern California    (View PDF)
Lawrance M. Lesser
Urban Vs. Natural Sugar Maple Growth: II. Water Relations    (View PDF)
Richard E. Close, J. James Kielbaso, Phu V. Nguyen, and Robert E. Schutzki
Probability of Damage to Sidewalks and Curbs by Street Trees in the Tropics    (View PDF)
John K. Francis, Bernard R. Parresol, and Juana Marín de Patiño

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