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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 8, No. 7 Contents July 1982
Prevention and Treatment of Construction Damage to Shade Trees    (View PDF)
Donald F. Schoeneweiss
The Tree Scene in Great Britain    (View PDF)
W.E. Matthews
Metria Projects on Species Trials and Cultivar Testing    (View PDF)
D.F. Karnosky, H.D. Gerhold, and W.H. Collins
Estimating Costs of Tree Preservation on Residential Lots    (View PDF)
Andrew F. Seila and Linda M. Anderson
Relative Sensitivity of Pine Species to Ozone    (View PDF)
A.M. Townsend and L.S. Dochinger
Planting Frequencies and Trends of Street Trees in Southern Ontario Municipalities    (View PDF)
J.R. Pickering and R.G. Perkins
Think Before You Plant: Select the Proper Plant    (View PDF)
T. Davis Sydnor

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