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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 8, Issue 7 — July 1982

Relative Sensitivity of Pine Species to Ozone    (View PDF)

A.M. Townsend and L.S. Dochinger

Abstract: Seedlings of Pinus banksiana, P. parviflora, P. ponderosa, and P. sylvestris showed the most foliar injury to ozone fumigation at 20 and 30 pphm during an 8 hr/day, 70 day period. Pinus aristata and P. strobus showed the least injury, and were most tolerant. P. nigra, P. strobiformis, and P. thunbergii were moderately tolerant but sustained some injury. P. sylvestris was the only species that showed more than 10 per cent injury at the 10 pphm concentration. P. sylvestris and P. banksiana fumigated with 30 pphm showed a significant reduction in survival in the year following fumigation.


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