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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 7, No. 5 Contents May 1981
Effects of Drought-Stress and Wounding on Cytospora Canker Development on Colorado Blue Spruce    (View PDF)
Lewis K. Kamiri and Franklin F. Laemmlen
The Problem with Insects is People    (View PDF)
John A. Weidhaas, Jr.
Tree Climbing with the Prussik Loop System    (View PDF)
M.J. Whitehead
Performance of Urban Street Trees Evaluated    (View PDF)
Ann F. Rhoads, Paul W. Meyer, and Robert Sanfelippo
Installation of the Plant Material in Constitution Plaza, Hartford, Connecticut    (View PDF)
William A. Rae
Systematic Approach to Roadside Brush Control    (View PDF)
Roland W. Brown, Jr.
Importance of Supervisionutility Responsibility    (View PDF)
William B. Hamilton
The Utility Crew Supervisor    (View PDF)
Willard L. Grubb

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