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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 7, Issue 5 — May 1981

The Problem with Insects is People    (View PDF)

John A. Weidhaas, Jr.

Abstract: In recent years the general public, public attitudes, special interest groups, and a flurry of pesticide legislation have had a major impact on shade tree entomology and arboriculture. People outside of those professions are increasingly involved in more rapid spread of insects, the decisionmaking process in insect control programs and regulations of pest control activities. Area-wide insect control programs must be thoroughly planned and adequately publicized to be successful. Arborists have the opportunity to develop improved tree protection services, rather than spraying services, and develop Integrated Pest Management techniques toward an overall shade tree management system. Now and in the future arborists need to be concerned and involved with "people" problems as well as insect problems.


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