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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 39, No. 3 Contents May 2013
Water Scarcity and Urban Forest Management: Introduction    (View PDF)
Water Scarcity and Urban Forests: Science and Public Policy Lessons from a Decade of Drought in Adelaide, Australia    (View PDF)
Mark Brindal, Randy Stringer
Adaptations of Australian Tree Species Relevant to Water Scarcity in the Urban Forest    (View PDF)
G.M. Moore
Water Management Strategies for Urban Trees in Dry Environments: Lessons for the Future    (View PDF)
Peter Symes, Geoff Connellan
Subtropical–Tropical Urban Tree Water Relations and Drought Stress Response Strategies    (View PDF)
Roger Kjelgren, Daryl Joyce, and David Doley
Urban Trees and Water: An Overview of Studies on Irrigation Needs in the Western United States and a Discussion Regarding Future Research    (View PDF)
Laurence Costello
Managing and Monitoring Tree Health and Soil Water Status During Extreme Drought in Melbourne, Victoria    (View PDF)
Peter B. May, Stephen J. Livesley, and Ian Shears

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