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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 39, Issue 3 — May 2013

Water Scarcity and Urban Forests: Science and Public Policy Lessons from a Decade of Drought in Adelaide, Australia    (View PDF)

Mark Brindal, Randy Stringer

Abstract: Drawing on the experience of greater metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, the paper points to the links and gaps between science and public policy. The paper explores urban stormwater management lessons emerging from a ten-year, prolonged dry period that impacted the integrity of urban forests in the City of Adelaide. Among the questions addressed: will stormwater remain, as its historic and institutional settings suggest, a liability or can it become an asset? Who owns stormwater resources and to whom is its management vested? The paper examines these issues with consideration to the dangers of continuing to use urban forestry management practices that are not informed by science. The study concludes that a more integrated approach to urban water management can maintain the integrity of urban forests in ways that potentially enhance social amenities and economic efficiency.

Keywords: Adelaide; Australia; Stormwater; Urban Forest Management; Water Policy.

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