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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 39, Issue 3 — May 2013

Water Management Strategies for Urban Trees in Dry Environments: Lessons for the Future    (View PDF)

Peter Symes, Geoff Connellan

Abstract: The maintenance and expansion of urban forests is a major challenge in periods of low rainfall and restricted availability of appropriate-quality water sources for trees. The recent drought in eastern Australia has highlighted the need for innovation and new approaches to ensure tree health is preserved. Responses adopted by the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne and others have involved investigations into species more suited to changing climate conditions, assessment of tree and landscape water demand, understanding the hydrology of the site, effective irrigation delivery, management of the soil reservoir to optimize harvested stormwater, and provide soil water reserves for future high demand summer periods.

Keywords: Australia; Crop Coefficients; Drought; Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne; Tree Watering; Soil Moisture Sensors; Urban Forest.

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