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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 34, No. 5 Contents September 2008
The Influence of Systemic Inducing Resistance Chemicals for the Control of Oak Powdery Mildew ( Microsphaera alphitoides) Applied as a Therapeutic Treatment    (View PDF)
Glynn Percival and Ian Haynes
State Urban and Community Forestry Program Funding, Technical Assistance, and Financial Assistance within the 50 United States    (View PDF)
Richard J. Hauer and Gary R. Johnson
Establishment and Maintenance of Living Structures Made of Willow ( Salix) Stems    (View PDF)
Yulia A. Kuzovkina
Downy Mildew in Lilac    (View PDF)
Margaret Mmbaga
A New and Improved Automated Technology for Early Sex Determination of Ginkgo biloba    (View PDF)
Vincent Echenard, François Lefort, Gautier Calmin, Robert Perroulaz, and Lassaad Belhahri
Failure Mode and Prediction of the Strength of Branch Attachments    (View PDF)
Brian Kane, Robert Farrell, Shepard M. Zedaker, J.R. Loferski, and D.W. Smith
Effect of Propiconazole on Laurel Wilt Disease Development in Redbay Trees and on the Pathogen In Vitro    (View PDF)
Albert E. Mayfield III, Edward L. Barnard, Jason A. Smith, Shawn C. Bernick, Jeffrey M. Eickwort, and Tyler J. Dreaden
Efficacy of Foliar Applications, Trunk Injections, and Soil Drenches in Reducing Populations of Elongate Hemlock Scale on Eastern Hemlock    (View PDF)
Michael Raupp, Robert Ahern, Brad Onken, Richard Reardon, Stacey Bealmear, Joseph Doccola, Paul Wolfe II, and Peter Becker

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