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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 19, No. 3 Contents May 1993
Integrating Classical Biological Control with Plant Health in the Urban Forest    (View PDF)
T. D. Paine, J. G. Millar, T. S. Bellows, L. M. Hanks, and J. R. Gould
Hole Angle for Trunk Injection of Tree Growth Regulators and its Effect on Weeping, Wound Closure and Wood Discoloration    (View PDF)
Therese A. Wasniewski, William R. Chaney and Harvey A. Holt
A Computerized Street Tree Inventory System for Small Cities Using Lotus 1-2-3    (View PDF)
Robert B. Warrick and C. Frank Williams
Urban Forestry Research: The Forest Service Perspective    (View PDF)
H. Edward Dickerhoof and Alan W. Ewert
Designing Alternatives to Avoid Street Tree Conflicts    (View PDF)
David V. Bloniarz and H. Dennis P. Ryan, III
Cavity Fill by Spontaneous Tissue Replacement    (View PDF)
John M. Haller
Gypsy Moth Management in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.    (View PDF)
Christine L. Favre, James L. Sherald, and Noel F. Schneeberger
Suppression of Spruce Needle Blight in Coastal Alaska    (View PDF)
Paul E. Hennon and Jim R. Douglas
Compensatory Value of an Urban Forest: An Application of the Tree-Value Formula    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak

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