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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 16, No. 9 Contents September 1990
Trunk Banding to Control Elm Leaf Beetle    (View PDF)
Laurence R. Costello, Stephen R. Scott; John D. Peterson, and Carol J. Adams
Height-Diameter Relations of Maple Street Trees    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak
Can Tree Susceptibility to Borers be Predicted from Root Starch Measurements?    (View PDF)
James P. Dunn and Daniel A. Potter
Euonymus Scale Patterns of Damage to Woody Plants    (View PDF)
S.D. Cockfield and D.A. Potter
Aerial Dispersal Behavior of the Bagworm    (View PDF)
David L. Cox and Daniel A. Potter
Aerodynamic Features of the Tree    (View PDF)
John M. Haller

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