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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 16, Issue 9 — September 1990

Euonymus Scale Patterns of Damage to Woody Plants    (View PDF)

S.D. Cockfield and D.A. Potter

Abstract: Armored scale insects include species which feed primarily on stems and those which feed on both leaves and stems. The euonymus scale is an example of the latter. Scales which feed on leaves produce a chlorotic halo that is deficient in chloroplasts. Infested leaves have impaired photosynthesis and are prone to abscission. Healthy plants may tolerate and outgrow injury from scale insects, but infested plants that experience additional environmental stress may suffer severe leaf abscission and branch dieback. Early detection of infestations and management to minimize plant stress are helpful in maintaining woody landscape plants that are susceptible to scale insect infestations.


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