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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 16, Issue 9 — September 1990

Trunk Banding to Control Elm Leaf Beetle    (View PDF)

Laurence R. Costello, Stephen R. Scott; John D. Peterson, and Carol J. Adams

Abstract: Elm leaf beetle (ELB) feeding injury was reduced by carbaryl trunk bands during a five-year study in northern California. The magnitude of injury reduction varied from year to year and appeared to be influenced by the proximity of untreated elms and yearly fluctuations in ELB populations. Banding one time per year using 1 % carbaryl (Sevin SLŪ ) was as effective as banding two times per year with a 2% concentration. Trunk banding can achieve injury reduction levels nearly equivalent to foliar sprays and is less costly. With certain limitations considered, this technique can be a useful strategy in ELB control programs.


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