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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 9, No. 2 Contents February 1983
Here Comes the Gypsy Moth    (View PDF)
E. Alan Cameron
Materials for Potential Use in Sunscald Prevention    (View PDF)
Margaret Litzow and Harold Pellett
The Use of Small Computers in the Tree Care Business    (View PDF)
Joe Massey
Utilities and "Trouble-Free Trees"    (View PDF)
L. Brian Morris
Job Analysis: A Management Tool for Instituting Management by Objectives    (View PDF)
Harold G. Love and Don L. Long
Transmission Right-Of-Way Management Plans    (View PDF)
W.R. O'Connor
Lightning and Trees    (View PDF)
Ernest W. DeRosa
Time Management    (View PDF)
Don L. Long and Harold G. Love
Why Large Trees are Difficult to Transplant    (View PDF)
Carl E. Whitcomb
Plant Tree and Shrub Seeds Promptly    (View PDF)
Ray R. Rothenberger

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