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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 39, No. 5 Contents September 2013
Post-transplant Shoot Growth of Trees From Five Different Production Methods is Affected by Site and Species    (View PDF)
Anna Levinsson
Effect of Transplanting Date and Harvest Method on Growth and Survival of Three Urban Tree Species in an Arid Climate    (View PDF)
Nematollah Etemadi, Rezvan Mohammadi Nezhad, Najmeh Zamani, and Mohammad Mahdi Majid
Mechanical Properties of Green Wood and Their Relevance for Tree Risk Assessment    (View PDF)
Hanns Christof Spatz and Jochen Pfisterer
Physiological, Growth, and Biomass Attributes in Populus deltoides L. (clones G-48 and Kranti) Influenced by Water Stress    (View PDF)
Munna Singh, Aradhna Kumari, and Krishan Kumar Verma
Effects of Dinotefuran and Imidacloprid on Target and Non-target Arthropods on American Elm    (View PDF)
Adrianna Szczepaniec, Brian B. Raupp, and Michael J. Raupp
Relative Resistance or Susceptibility of Landscape-suitable Elms (Ulmus spp.) to Multiple Insect Pests    (View PDF)
Daniel A. Potter and Carl T. Redmond

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