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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 34, No. 6 Contents November 2008
Assessing Urban Forest Structure: Introduction    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak
Assessing Urban Forest Canopy Cover Using Airborne or Satellite Imagery    (View PDF)
Jeffrey T. Walton, David J. Nowak, and Eric J. Greenfield
Urban Forest Health Monitoring: Large-Scale Assessments in the United States    (View PDF)
Anne Buckelew Cumming, Daniel B. Twardus, and David J. Nowak
A Ground-Based Method of Assessing Urban Forest Structure and Ecosystem Services    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak, Daniel E. Crane, Jack C. Stevens, Robert E. Hoehn, Jeffrey T. Walton, and Jerry Bond
A Method for Characterizing Urban Forest Composition and Structure for Landscape Architects and Urban Planners    (View PDF)
Joe R. McBride
Multipurpose Census Methodology to Assess Urban Forest Structure in Hong Kong    (View PDF)
C.Y. Jim
Assessing Urban Forest Structure and Health in Shenyang, China    (View PDF)
Zhu Hua Ning, Xing Yuan He, Chang Fu Liu, and Kamran K. Abdollahi
Effect of Plot and Sample Size on Timing and Precision of Urban Forest Assessments    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak, Jeffrey T. Walton, Jack C. Stevens, Daniel E. Crane, and Robert E. Hoehn
Assessing Urban Forest Structure: Summary and Conclusions    (View PDF)
David J. Nowak

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