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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 29, No. 6 Contents November 2003
Influence of Single and Small Clusters of Trees on the Bioclimate of a City: A Case Study    (View PDF)
S. Streiling and A. Matzarakis
The Ease of Ignition of 13 Landscape Mulches    (View PDF)
Larry G. Steward, T. Davis Sydnor, and Bert Bishop
Root Dimensions of Landscape Tree Cultivars    (View PDF)
Henry D. Gerhold and Andra D. Johnson
Efficacy of Aborjet Viper Microinjections in the Management of Hemlock Woolly Adelgids with Arborjet    (View PDF)
Joseph J. Doccola, Peter M. Wild, Ilangovan Ramasamy, Paulina Castillo, and Christine Taylor
Landscape Tree Cultivar Preferences in Iowa, U.S.    (View PDF)
Jeffery K. Iles and Anna M. Vold
Crown Encroachment on Southern Live Oaks in Suburban settings: Tree Status and Homeowner Concerns    (View PDF)
Mark Templeton and Francis E. Putz
Fall Fertilization and Cold Hardiness in Landscape Trees    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley and A.M. Shirazi
Arboricultural Abstracts    (View PDF)

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