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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 23, No. 2 Contents March 1997
Short and Long-Term Effects of Treeshelters on the Root and Stem Growth of Ornamental Trees    (View PDF)
D.W. Burger, G.W. Forister, and R. Gross
Potential Defoliation of Trees by Outbreak Populations of Gypsy Moth in the Chicago Area    (View PDF)
David W. Onstad, David J. Nowak, and Michael R. Jeffords
A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Ash Whitefly Biological Control Program in California    (View PDF)
Karen Jetter, Dr. Karen Klonsky, and Dr. Charles H. Pickett
Duration of Water Stress Affects Development of Sphaeropsis Canker on Scots Pine    (View PDF)
Janelle W. Johnson, Mark L. Gleason, Sharon K. Parker, Ellen B. Provin, Jeffery K. lies, and Paula H. Flynn.
Ash Yellows Occurrence and Association with Slow Growth of Green Ash in Iowa and Wisconsin Cities    (View PDF)
Mark L. Gleason, Sharon K. Parker, Tiffany E. Engle, Paula H. Flynn, Helen M. Griffiths, Mark A. Vitosh, and Jeffery K. lies.
Public Property Tree Preservation    (View PDF)
John Houde
High Level of Chestnut Blight Control on Grafted American Chestnut Trees Inoculated with Hypovirulent Strains    (View PDF)
Tom Dierauf, Joel Artman, John R. Elkins, S. Lucille Griffin, and Gary J. Griffin
Erratum: Testing of Structural Urban Tree Soil Materials for Use Under Pavement to Increase Street Tree Rooting Volumes    (View PDF)
Jason Grabosky, Nina Bassuk, and Harold von Es

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