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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 19, No. 6 Contents November 1993
Energy Conservation Potential of Urban Tree Planting    (View PDF)
E. Gregory McPherson and Rowan A. Rowntree
Effectiveness of Three Barrier Materials for Stopping Regenerating Roots of Established Trees    (View PDF)
J. Alan Wagar and Philip A. Barker
Adaptation of Trees to Low-Light Environments: Effect on Branching Pattern of Fraxinus Americana    (View PDF)
J. Roger Harris and Nina L. Bassuk
Reasonable Guidelines for Street Tree Diversity    (View PDF)
Norman A. Richards
Considerations when Using Ethephon for Suppressing Dwarf and Leafy Mistletoe Infestations in Ornamental Landscapes    (View PDF)
David H. Adams, Susan J. Frankel, and John M. Lichter
A Study of the Relationship between Site Conditions and Urban Tree Growth    (View PDF)
S.J. Hodge and R. Boswell
Relating Gust Speed to Tree Damage in Hurricane Hugo, 1989    (View PDF)
John K. Francis and Andrew J.R. Gillespie
Detection of Decay in Trees with the Metriguard Stress Wave Timer    (View PDF)
Claus G. Mattheck and Klaus A. Bethge
Harvest Method has no Influence on Growth of Transplanted Green Ash    (View PDF)
David L. Hensley
Nursery Production Alternatives for Reduction or Elimination of Circling Tree Roots    (View PDF)
Bonnie Lee Appleton

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