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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 19, No. 4 Contents July 1993
A Monitoring System and Development of Ecologically Sound Treatments for Elm Leaf Beetle    (View PDF)
Donald L. Dahlsten, Susan M. Tait, David L. Rowney, and Beverly J. Gingg
Ice Storm Damage to Urban Trees    (View PDF)
Richard J. Hauer, Weishen Wang, and Jeffrey O. Dawson
Freeman Maple Illusion and Truth    (View PDF)
Frank S. Santamour, Jr.
Street Tree Trends in Kansas and the Influence of Community Factors    (View PDF)
Richard L. Davis
An Evaluation of Soil Aeration Status around Healthy and Declining Oaks in an Urban Environment in California    (View PDF)
J.D. MacDonald, L.R. Costello and T. Berger
Strength Properties of Wood Related to Trunk Injection of Tree Growth Regulators    (View PDF)
Therese A. Wasniewski, William R. Chaney, Harvey A. Holt and John F. Senft
The Effect of Trenching on Growth and Plant Health of Selected Species of Shade Trees    (View PDF)
Fredric D. Miller, Jr. and Dan Neely
The Midwest Urban Tree Index    (View PDF)
Kenneth J. Schoon
Long Term Arboreal Change in a Landscaped Urban Park: Central Park, New York    (View PDF)
Robert E. Loeb
New and Under-Utilized Asian Trees for North American Gardens    (View PDF)
Gerald B. Straley

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