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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 13, No. 4 Contents April 1987
Origin of Frost Cracks in Stems of Trees    (View PDF)
Hans Kubler
Response of Cornus Florida to Moisture Stress    (View PDF)
J. D. Williams, H. G. Ponder, and C. H. Gilliam
Response of Smaller European Elm Bark Beetles to Pruning Wounds on American Elm    (View PDF)
Jack H. Barger and William N. Cannon, Jr.
Preemergent Herbicide Trials with Direct-Seeded Black Locust Grown in Different Soils    (View PDF)
W. A. Geyer, L. Melichar and C. E. Long
Entrepreneurs and Bankers    (View PDF)
Harry A. Carpenter
Advice to Student Arborists    (View PDF)
Larry Hall
Marketing the Arborist's Expertise: A Classroom Project    (View PDF)
M. A. L. Smith
Customer Relations in Utility Right-Of-Way Maintenance Operations    (View PDF)
L. Brian Morris
Estimating and Pricing Tree Care Jobs    (View PDF)
Richard E. Abbott & Kenneth C. Miller

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