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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 25, Issue 3 — May 1999

Geographic Information and Global Positioning Systems for Tree Management    (View PDF)

R.C. Widdicombe and B. Carlisle

Abstract: Among the number of GIS software packages available, IDRISI and Maplnfo have the most wideranging applications to land use. For this project, Maplnfo was employed to process and store environmental and map data. Three tasks required attention prior to the analysis of data: 1) accurate cartographic survey and grid referencing of the area's features including tree positions; 2) formatting of map data to construct a GIS map; and 3) in-depth tree survey data collection including hazard assessment and amenity valuation.

Keywords: GIS; GPS; tree survey; hazard assessment; amenity valuation.

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