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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Volume 16, Issue 10 — October 1990

The Effect of Various Landscape Weed Control Measures on Soil Moisture and Temperature, and Tree Root Growth    (View PDF)

B.L. Appleton, J.F. Derr and B.B. Ross

Abstract: Seven landscape weed control measures (five landscape fabrics/films, black plastic, and a preemergence herbicide, each with and without mulch) were compared with bare soil to determine their affect on soil moisture and temperature. When mulched, there were no differences during any season. When unmulched, landscape fabrics/films varied in their effects. Soil moisture in unmulched plots decreased as weed growth increased. Mulching affected plant growth more than type of soil covering beneath the mulch. Mulched plants were generally larger than unmulched plants.


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