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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 9, No. 6 Contents June 1983
Biology and Management of Clearwing Borers in Woody Plants    (View PDF)
D.A. Potter and G.M. Timmons
Phomopsis Canker of 'Robusta' Poplar    (View PDF)
D.W. French and D.R. Bergdahl
Cost Comparison of Right-Of-Way Treatment Methods    (View PDF)
Dennis E. Holewinski and Paul A. Johnston
Growth of Oak Seedlings with Specific Ectomycorrhizae in Urban Stress Environments    (View PDF)
L. M. Anderson, A. L. Clark, and D. H. Marx
Growth Habits of Five Cultivars of Pyrus Calleryana    (View PDF)
Heidi Haserodt and T. Davis Sydnor
Tree Valuation Pitfalls    (View PDF)
S.H. Davis, Jr.
Problems Affecting Urban Trees in Quebec City    (View PDF)
Dery, Rocray et Associes
Growth, Survival and Sex Expression in Ginkgo    (View PDF)
Frank S. Santamour, Jr., Shan-an He, and Thomas E. Ewert

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