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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 6, No. 6 Contents June 1980
The Diagnosis of Urban Tree Disorders    (View PDF)
Charles L. Wilson and C. Wayne Ellett
Relationship of Fall Watering Practice to Winter Injury of Conifers    (View PDF)
Harold Pellett, Rita Hummel and Laurie Mainquist
Chemical Control Studies of the Walnut Caterpillar    (View PDF)
M.E. Farris and J.E. Appleby
The Influence of Site on the Distribution of Benzimidazole Fungicides in Elm    (View PDF)
Arthur H. McCain
Oak Provenance Research: The Michaux Quercetum After 25 Years    (View PDF)
Frank S. Santamour, Jr., Peter W. Garrett, and David B. Paterson
Computerized Outage Report    (View PDF)
Rufin Van Bossuyt
The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)    (View PDF)
B.P. Cardon

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