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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 48, No. 2 Contents March 2022
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The Emergence of Smart Urban Forestry: Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age
Sophie Nitoslawski and Cecil C. Konijnendijk
Intelligent Survey Technologies and Applications for Urban Forests in Taiwan
Jan-Chang Chen, Chun-Hung Wei, Yi-Ta Hsieh, Shang-Chuan Huang, and Ping-Hsun Peng
Sustainable Smart Park Management—A Smarter Approach to Urban Green Space Management?
Johanna Deak Sjöman, Anders Kristoffersson, Geovana Mercado, and Thomas B. Randrup
Indiana University’s Woodland Campus: A Case Study of Urban Forest Patch Sustainability
Stephanie Freeman-Day and Burnell C. Fischer, PhD
Modeling the Shading Effect of Vancouver’s Urban Tree Canopy in Relation to Neighborhood Variations
Yuhao Lu, Justin McCarty, Jeri Sezto, Zhaohua Cheng, Nicholas Martino, Cynthia Girling, Adam Rysanek, Sara Barron, and Giona Matasci
Tree Measurements in the Urban Environment: Insights from Traditional and Digital Field Instruments to Smartphone Applications
Rocco Pace, Emanuela Masini, Diego Giuliarelli, Luca Biagiola, Antonio Tomao, Gabriele Guidolotti, Mariagrazia Agrimi, Luigi Portoghesi, Paolo De Angelis, and Carlo Calfapietra
Assessing the Potential of E-Tools for Knowledge Sharing and Stewardship of Urban Green Infrastructure
Sophie Plitt, Erik Andersson, PhD, and Michelle Johnson, PhD
Using Artificial Intelligence to Assist Tree Risk Assessment
Steffen Rust and Bernhard Stoinski
Modern Urban Forestry for Modern Cities: Technology Challenges and Opportunities for the Remote Sensing of Urban Forests
Daniel C. Staley

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