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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 46, No. 2 Contents March 2020
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A Review of United States Arboricultural Operation Fatal and Nonfatal Incidents (2001–2017): Implications for Safety Training
John Ball, Shane J. Vosberg, and Timothy Walsh
Urban Trees and Environmental Variables: Relationships in a City of Central Chile
Mauricio Ponce-Donoso, Oscar Vallejos-Barra, Benjamin Ingram, and Gustavo Daniluk-Mosquera
The Relationship Between Women’s Preferences for Landscape Spatial Configurations and Relevant Socio-Economic Variables
Ahmad Hami, Mahsa Tarashkar, and Farzin Emami
Heritage Trees in Macau: Relationships Among Biomass Structure, Age, and Ecosystem Services
Po Ying Lai, C.Y. Jim, and Hao Zhang
The Effect of a Heat Wave on Urban Tree Pests in Melbourne, Australia: Examples that May Inform Climate Change Tree Management
G.M. Moore and G. Lefoe
How Are Managers Making Tree Species Selection Decisions in the Pacific Northwest of the United States?
Joshua Petter, Paul Ries, Ashley D’Antonio, and Ryan Contreras

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