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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 44, No. 3 Contents May 2018
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The Influence of Abiotic Factors on Street Tree Condition and Mortality in a Commercial-Retail Streetscape
Camilo Ordóñez, Vadim Sabetski, Andrew A. Millward, James W. N. Steenberg, Amber Grant, and James Urban
Drippy Blight, a Disease of Red Oaks in Colorado, U.S., Produced from the Combined Effect of the Scale Insect Allokermes galliformis and the Bacterium Lonsdalea quercina subsp. quercina
Rachael A. Sitz, Marcelo M. Zerillo, Jacob Snelling, Jorge Ibarra Caballero, Kathleen Alexander, Kendra Nash, Ned A. Tisserat, Whitney S. Cranshaw, and Jane E. Stewart
Results and Implications Following a Twelve-Year Monitoring of Ash (Fraxinus spp.) Mortality Due to Agrilus planipennis in an Urban Forest Plantation
Sakthi Kumaran Subburayalu and Davis Sydnor

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