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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 42, No. 6 Contents November 2016
The Cost of Not Maintaining Trees: Findings and Recommendations from an International Symposium and Summit    (View PDF)
Andrew K. Koeser, Jess Vogt, Richard J. Hauer, Robert J. Northrop, and Ward Peterson
Evaluation of Xylem Discoloration in Ash Trees Associated with Macroinjections of a Systemic Insecticide    (View PDF)
Sara R. Tanis and Deborah G. McCullough
Review on the Use of Remote Sensing for Urban Forest Monitoring    (View PDF)
Razieh Shojanoori and Helmi Z. M. Shafri
Urban Highway Roadside Soils and Shrub Plantings Enhanced by Surface-Applied and Incorporated Organic Amendments    (View PDF)
Andy Bary, Rita L. Hummel, and Craig Cogger
INDEX    (View PDF)

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