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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 38, No. 4 Contents July 2012
To Treat or Remove: An Economic Model to Assist in Deciding the Fate of Ash Trees Threatened by Emerald Ash Borer    (View PDF)
Daniel W. McKenney and John H. Pedlar
Methods of Tree Appraisal: A Review of Their Features and Application Possibilities    (View PDF)
M.A. Grande-Ortiz, E. Ayuga-TÚllez, and M.L. Contato-Carol
Determining if Lateral Imbalance Exists in First-order Branches Leading to a Potential Development of Torsional Stress    (View PDF)
Gregory A. Dahle and Jason C. Grabosky
Fertilization Rate and Placement Effects on Areca Palms Transplanted from Containers or a Field Nursery    (View PDF)
Timothy K. Broschat and Kimberly A. Moore
Characterization of Physical, Gaseous, and Hydrologic Properties of Compacted Subsoil and its Effects on Growth and Transpiration of Two Maples Grown Under Greenhouse Conditions    (View PDF)
Barbara A. Fair, James D. Metzger, and James Vent
Urban Trees Programs from Municipal Officials' Perspective: Evidence from Alabama, U.S.    (View PDF)
Yaoqi Zhang and Bin Zheng

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