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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 36, No. 3 Contents May 2010
Resistance of Landscape-Suitable Elms to Japanese Beetle, Gall Aphids, and Leaf Miners, with Notes on Life History of Orchestes alni and Agromyza aristata in Kentucky    (View PDF)
Jennie M. Condra, Cristina M. Brady, and Daniel A. Potter
The Research Foundation to Tree Pruning: A Review of the Literature    (View PDF)
James R. Clark and Nelda Matheny
The Measurement of Wood Decay in Landscape Trees    (View PDF)
Denise Johnstone, Gregory Moore, Michael Tausz, and Marc Nicolas
Impact Force and Rope Tension Affect Likelihood of Cutting a Climbing Rope with a Handsaw    (View PDF)
Brian Kane, Mollie Freilicher, Mac Cloyes, and H. Dennis Ryan
Planting Depth Affects Root Form of Three Shade Tree Cultivars in Containers    (View PDF)
Edward F. Gilman, Chris Harchick, and Maria Paz
Evaluation of Therapeutic Treatments to Manage Oak Bacterial Leaf Scorch    (View PDF)
John Hartman, Ed Dixon, and Shawn Bernick

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