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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 35, No. 2 Contents March 2009
Identification of Significant Street Tree Inventory Parameters Using Multivariate Statistical Analyses    (View PDF)
Pierre Jutras, Shiv O. Prasher, and Pierre Dutilleul
Temporal and Spatial Glucose and Starch Partitioning in Live Oak    (View PDF)
Tomas Martinez-Trinidad, W. Todd Watson, Michael A. Arnold, and Leonardo Lombardini
Forces and Stresses Generated During Rigging Operations    (View PDF)
Brian Kane, Sergio Brena, and Wesley Autio
Residual Strength of Carabiners Used by Tree Climbers    (View PDF)
Brian Kane and H. Dennis Ryan
Avian Ecological Diversity as an Indicator of Urban Forest Functionality. Results from Two Case Studies in Northern and Southern Italy.    (View PDF)
Giovanni Sanesi, Emilio Padoa-Schioppa, Leonardo Lorusso Luciana Bottoni, and Raffaele Lafortezza
Residentsí Perception of Tree Diseases in the Urban Environment    (View PDF)
Cristina nali and Giacomo Lorenzini
Frequency and Severity of Trunk Decay in Street Tree Maples in Four New York Cities    (View PDF)
Christopher J. Luley, David J. Nowak, and Eric J. Greenfield
Hurricane Debris and Damage Assessment for Florida Urban Forests    (View PDF)
Francisco J. Escobedo, Christopher J. Luley, Jerry Bond, Christina Staudhammer, and Charles Bartel
Eastern Redcedar Seed Source Test in Western Kansas    (View PDF)
Wayne A. Geyer, Keith D. Lynch, and Charles J. Barden
Book Review    (View PDF)
Dr. Robert W. Miller

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