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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 35, No. 1 Contents January 2009
Challenging Chinese Hemlock ( Tsuga chinensis ) with Hemlock Woolly Adelgid ( Adelges tsugae ) Ovisacs    (View PDF)
Benjamin K. Hoover, Ricky M. Bates, James C. Sellmer, and Gregory A. Hoover
Potential of Tsuga spp. from Western North America and Asia as Replacements for Eastern Hemlock ( Tsuga canadensis )    (View PDF)
Paul A. Weston and Richard W. Harper
Tree Establishment: A Review of Some of the Factors Affecting Transplant Survival and Establishment    (View PDF)
Daniel K. Struve
A Biomolecular Method for the Detection of Wood Decay Fungi: A Focus on Tree Stability Assessment    (View PDF)
Giovanni Nicolotti , Paolo Gonthier , Fabio Guglielmo , and Matteo M. Garbelotto
Sprays Ineffective for Preventing Sapsucker Damage on Sugar Maple ( Acer saccharum )    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley , Donald C. Booth, and Liza Wilkinson
Root Growth Near Vertical Root Barriers after Seven Years    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley , Liza Wilkinson , and Bruce R. Fraedrich
Managing Diplodia Tip Blight of Landscape Austrian Pines    (View PDF)
John R. Hartman , Lisa J. Vaillancourt , Jennifer L. Flowers , and Amy M. Bateman
Strip Malls, City Trees, and Community Values    (View PDF)
Kathleen L. Wolf
Six-Year Evaluation of Circular Root Barriers on Two Tree Species    (View PDF)
Dennis Pittenger and Donald Hodel
Deer Use of a Right-of-Way in Central Pennsylvania, U.S.    (View PDF)
Richard H. Yahner

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