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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 28, No. 5 Contents September 2002
Tilia's Physical Dimensions Over Time    (View PDF)
Flemming Kj°lstad Larsen and Palle Kristoffersen
Identification of Drought-Tolerant Woody Periennials Using Chlorophyll Fluorescence    (View PDF)
by Glynn C. Percival1 and Colin N. Sheriffs
Evaluations of Magnolia Grandflora Selections in South-Central Alabama, U.S.    (View PDF)
J.D. Williams, J.L. Sibley, C.H. Gilliam, and G. Creech
Soil Replacement: Long-Term Results    (View PDF)
Gary W. Watson
Future Directions for Urban Forestry Research in the UNITED STATES    (View PDF)
John F. Dwyer, David J. Nowak, and Gary W. Watson
Trees and Wind: Wind Scales and Speeds    (View PDF)
Scott Cullen
Arboricultural Abstracts    (View PDF)

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