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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 27, No. 2 Contents March 2001
The Influence of Waterlogging on the Establishment of Four Australian Landscape Trees    (View PDF)
Karen D. Smith, Peter B. May, and Gregory M. Moore
Carbon Storage by Utility-Compatible Trees    (View PDF)
Andra D. Johnson, and Henry D. Gerhold
Effect of Basement Sump Pump Effluent on the Growth and Physiology of Urban Black Ash and Green Ash Ornamental Trees    (View PDF)
Cameron G. Lait, Suomal Saelim, Janusz J. Zwiazek, and Yao Zheng
Comparing Formulae that Assess Strength Loss Due to Decay in Trees    (View PDF)
Brian Kane, Dennis Ryan, and David V. Bloniarz
Four-Year Evaluation of Five Cultivars of Pyrus Calleryana    (View PDF)
John E. Kuser, Gary Robinson, and Nicholas Polanin
Biology and Management of the Horned Oak Gall Wasp on Pin Oak    (View PDF)
Eileen A. Eliason and Daniel A. Potter

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