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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 25, No. 1 Contents January 1999
Root Barrier and Extension Casing Effects on Chinese Hackberry    (View PDF)
Paula J. Peper and Sylvia Mori
Industrial-Area Street Trees in Portland, Oregon    (View PDF)
Joseph Poracsky and Mark Scott
Assessment of Fracture Moment and Fracture Angle in 25 Tree Species in the United States Using the Fractometer    (View PDF)
Nelda P. Matheny, James R. Clark, Donna Attewell, Kevin Hillery, A. William Graham, and Gerald Posner
The Appropriate Response Process (Arp) And its Role in Plant Health Care    (View PDF)
John Ball, John E. Lloyd, and Daniel F. Marion
Flood-Tolerance Ranking of Red and Freeman Maple Cultivars    (View PDF)
Louis B. Anella and Thomas H. Whitlow
Use of Soil and Trunk Injection of Systemic Insecticides to Control Lace Bug on Hawthorn    (View PDF)
Stanton Gill, David K. Jefferson, Rondalyn M. Reeser, and Michael J. Raupp
Tree Growth Regulator Effect on Phototropism—Its Implication for Utility Forestry    (View PDF)
Chad E. Sperry and William R. Chaney
Patterns of Structural Failures in Urban Trees: Coast Live Oak (Quercus Agrifolia)    (View PDF)
Roger Edberg and Alison Berry

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