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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 24, No. 5 Contents September 1998
Countersinking for Tree Bolts    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley
Effects of Periodical Cicada Ovipositional Injury on Woody Plants    (View PDF)
Fredric Miller and Webster Crowley
Surface Energy Balance Affects Gas Exchange of Three Shrub Species    (View PDF)
Thayne Montague, Roger Kjelgren, and Larry Rupp
Genetic Engineering of Sexual Sterility in Shade Trees    (View PDF)
Amy M. Brunner, Rozi Mohamed, Richard Meilan, Lorraine A. Sheppard, William H. Rottman, and Steven H. Strauss
Allelopathy as an Inhibition Factor in Ornamental Tree Growth: Implications from the Literature    (View PDF)
Timothy A. Chick and J. James Kielbaso
Urban/Community Forestry in the Intermountain West    (View PDF)
Michael R. Kuhns
An Evaluation of the Residual Activity of Traditional, Safe, and Biological Insecticides Against the Gypsy Moth    (View PDF)
Ralph E. Webb, Randy Peiffer, Roger W. Fuester, Kevin W. Thorpe, Louis Calabrese, and Joseph M. McLaughlin
Longevity of Ferric Ammonium Citrate Treatments in Oak    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley and Larry G. King

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