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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 24, No. 1 Contents January 1998
Irrigation Volume and Frequency and Tree Size Affect Establishment Rate    (View PDF)
Edward F. Gilman, Robert J. Black, and Bijan Dehgan
Tree Growth Regulators: Issues of Control, Matters of Management    (View PDF)
Gregory M. Moore
The Influence of Sodium Chloride and Waterlogging Stresses on Alnus Cordata    (View PDF)
Glynn C. Percival, Martin P. Biggs, and Geoffrey R. Dixon
Cytospora Canker Development on Aspen in Response to Nitrogen Fertilization    (View PDF)
Susan Burks, William R. Jacobi, and Gary A. Mclntyre
A Survey of Licensed Tree Experts in Maryland    (View PDF)
Michael F. Galvin and Peter J. Becker
Resident Involvement in Inspecting Trees for Dutch Elm Disease    (View PDF)
Dawn K. Nannini, Robert Sommer, and Lawrence S. Meyers
Tree Growth after Trenching and Compensatory Crown Pruning    (View PDF)
Gary W. Watson
Translocation of Imidacloprid in Three Tree Species when Trunk- And Soil-Injected    (View PDF)
Terry A. Tattar, Jim A. Dotson, Michael S. Ruizzo, and V. Bruce Steward

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