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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 22, No. 5 Contents September 1996
Fungicide Sprays affect Leaf Condition and Tree Appearance of Southern Magnolia    (View PDF)
William D. Goff, Ronald L. Shumack, Ken M. Tilt, and Austin K. Hagan
Polyethylene Plastic Wrap for Tree Wounds: A Promoter of Wound Closure on Fresh Wounds    (View PDF)
Dennis N. McDougall and Robert A. Blanchette
Tree Root System Enhancement with Paclobutrazol    (View PDF)
Gary W. Watson
The Influence of Defoliation on Flowering Dogwood    (View PDF)
T. Davis Sydnor and Robert B. McCartney
Community Tree Planting: Early Survival and Carbon Sequestering Potential    (View PDF)
David W. Ip
Factors Affecting Cytospora Canker Occurrence On Aspen    (View PDF)
Gary A. Mclntyre, William R. Jacobi, and Annette W. Ramaley
The Effect of Vegetation on Residential Energy use in Ann Arbor, Michigan    (View PDF)
Robert J. Laverne and Geoffrey McD. Lewis
Growth Regulation of Some Tropical Species    (View PDF)
David Hensley and Julie Yogi

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