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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 22, No. 2 Contents March 1996
Red Maple and Silver Maple Growth Evaluated 10 Years after Application of Paclobutrazoltree Growth Regulator    (View PDF)
Patrick L. Burch, Richard H. Wells, and William N. Kline, III
Suppression of Bark Beetles and Protection of Pines in the Urban Environment: A Case Study    (View PDF)
Jane Leslie Hayes, James R. Meeker, John L. Foltz, and Brian L. Strom
The Use of Volunteer Initiatives in Conducting Urban Forest Resource Inventories    (View PDF)
David V. Bloniarz and H. Dennis P. Ryan, III
Resistance to Dogwood Anthracnose among Cornus Species    (View PDF)
Daniel A. Brown, Mark T. Windham, and Robert N. Trigiano
Effects of Ground-Based Applications of Soap, Bacillus Thuringiensis, Cyfluthrin, and Trunk Barriers on Gypsy Moth Density and Defoliation    (View PDF)
Kevin W. Thorpe
Blowing in the Wind: Storm-Resisting Features of the Design of Trees    (View PDF)
Steven Vogel
Interference Factors Responsible for Resistance of Forb-Grass Cover Types to Tree Invasion on an Electric Utility Right-of-Way    (View PDF)
W.C. Bramble, W.R. Byrnes, R.J. Hutnik, and S.A. Liscinsky
Plant Water Loss in a Shaded Environment: A Pilot Study    (View PDF)
Laurence R. Costello, Donald Thomas, and Jodee DeVries
Fruit Inhibition in Quercus Species Using Growth Regulators    (View PDF)
Pam Elam and John Baker

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