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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 21, No. 2 Contents March 1995
Urban Tree Residues: Results of the First National Inventory    (View PDF)
Jack Whittier, Denise Rue, and Scott Haase
Management Considerations for the Azalea Lace Bug in Landscape Habitats    (View PDF)
Robert B. Trumbule, Robert F. Denno and Michael J. Raupp
Management of Gypsy Moths Using Sticky Trunk Barriers and Larval Removal    (View PDF)
Kevin W. Thorpe, Kathy M. Tatman, Patricia Sellers, Ralph E. Webb and Richard L. Ridgway
Bacterial Leaf Scorch Caused by Xylella Fastidiosa: A Kentucky Survey; A Unique Pathogen; And Bur Oak, A New Host    (View PDF)
J. R. Hart man, B. C. Eshenaur and U. E. Jarlfors
Is Lateral Strength in Trees Controlled by Lateral Mechanical Stress?    (View PDF)
Wolfgang A. Albrecht, Klaus A. Bethge and Claus G. Mattheck
Growth Regulators for Management of Fruit Production on American Sweetgum    (View PDF)
Thomas J. Banko and Marcia Stefani
A Critical Analysis of the Role of Trees in Damage to Low Rise Buildings    (View PDF)
Michael Lawson and Dealga O'Callaghan
Factors Affecting the Survival of Transplanted Sabal Palms    (View PDF)
Arthur C. Costonis

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