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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 20, No. 4 Contents July 1994
The Use of Surface Treatments for the Prevention of Soil Compaction During Site Construction    (View PDF)
John M. Lichter and Patricia A. Lindsey
Effects of Leaf Removal, Leaf Tying, and Overhead Irrigation on Transplanted Pygmy Date Palms    (View PDF)
Timothy K. Broschat
Wound Inoculations of Colorado Blue Spruce with Isolates of Leucostoma (Cytospora) Kunzei and other Cytospora Species    (View PDF)
Tyre J. Proffer and John H. Hart
Street Tree Inventory in Mexico City    (View PDF)
Alicia Chacalo, Alejandro Aldama and Jaime Grabinsky
Alternatives for Powdery Mildew Control on Lilac    (View PDF)
David L. Clement, Stanton A. Gill and William Potts
Relationship Between Street Tree Diameter Growth and Projected Pruning and Waste Wood Management Costs    (View PDF)
Patrick L. Churack, Robert W. Miller, Kenneth Ottman and Charles Koval
Sidewalk Effects on Soil Moisture and Temperature    (View PDF)
J. Alan Wagar and Albert L. Franklin

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