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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 20, No. 3 Contents May 1994
Vertical Mulching of Trees: Effects on Roots and Water Status    (View PDF)
P.J. Kalisz, J.W. Stringer, and R.J. Wells
Controlling Banded Ash Clearwing Moth Borer Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes    (View PDF)
Stanton Gill, John Davidson, Wanda MacLachian, and Will Potts
Relative Drought Resistance Among Selected Southwestern Landscape Plants    (View PDF)
Jimmy L. Tipton
The Relative Water Demand of Five Urban Tree Species    (View PDF)
Bruce R. Roberts and Virginia M. Schnipke
An Evaluation of Volume Excavation and Core Sampling Techniques for Measuring Soil Bulk Density    (View PDF)
J.M. Lichter and L.R. Costello
Variation Among Alnus Progenies Grown in Ohio    (View PDF)
A.M. Townsend and L.W. Douglass
The Social Benefits of Resident Involvement in Tree Planting    (View PDF)
Robert Sommer, Fred Learey, Joshua Summit, and Matthew Tirrell
Mycoplasmalike Organisms as Causes of Slow Growth and Decline of Trees and Shrubs    (View PDF)
Wayne A. Sinclair, Helen M. Griffiths, and Ing-Ming Lee
Assessing the Feasibility of Collaborative Utility - Municipal Tree Removal and Replanting    (View PDF)
Kevin Eckert and Peter Simpson
Factors Affecting Accumulation of Deicing Salts in Soils Around Trees    (View PDF)
R.G. Hootman, P.D. Kelsey, R. Reid, and K. von der Heide-Spravka
Propiconazole as a Treatment for Oak Wilt in Quercus Alba and Q. Macrocarpa    (View PDF)
N. K. Osterbauer, T. Salisbury, and D.W. French

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