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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 20, No. 2 Contents March 1994
Soil Compaction on Heavily Used Sites    (View PDF)
Phillip J. Craul
The Effect of Moisture and Sunlight on the Severity of Dogwood Anthracnose in Street Trees    (View PDF)
A. B. Gould and J. L. Peterson
The Potential for a California Oak Wilt Epidemic    (View PDF)
David N. Appel
Street Tree Performance Tests of Crabapple Cultivars: Initial Results    (View PDF)
Henry D. Gerhold, Heather L. McElroy, and Heather L. H. Rhodes
Street Tree Decline and Construction Damage    (View PDF)
Richard J. Hauer, Robert W. Miller and Daniel M. Ouimet
Ecological Bases for Selecting Urban Trees    (View PDF)
George H. Ware
Diffusion of 14C-Flurprimidol in Various Carriers Through Excised Silver Maple Bark    (View PDF)
David A. Breedlove, Michael E. Foley, Harvey A. Holt and William R. Chaney
New Legislative Ways of Protecting Trees in Municipalities: An Overview of the British Columbia Approach    (View PDF)
Julian A. Dunster
Environmental Analogs in the Search for Stress-Tolerant Landscape Plants    (View PDF)
Mark P. Widrlechner
Field-Grow Fabric Containers do not Affect Transplant Survival or Establishment of Green Ash    (View PDF)
Janet C. Cole and David L. Hensley
Nesting of Breeding Birds on an Electric Utility Line Right-Of-Way    (View PDF)
W.C. Bramble, R.H. Yahner, and W.R. Byrnes
Stress Tolerant Trees for the Southern Great Plains    (View PDF)
John C. Pair
Growth of Argentine Mesquite Inoculated with Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi    (View PDF)
Chris A. Martin and Jean C. Stutz

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