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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 19, No. 2 Contents March 1993
Growth and Nutrient Concentration in Flowering Dogwood after Nitrogen Fertilization and Dormant Root Pruning    (View PDF)
Stuart L. Warren
Tree Planting Fundamentals    (View PDF)
J. Roger Harris and Nina L. Bassuk
Oak Decline in Austria and Europe    (View PDF)
Christian Tomiczek
Arboriculture: An Australian Perspective    (View PDF)
G.M. Moore
The Future and its Impact on the Tree Care Profession in Canada    (View PDF)
Tom Lee
Applications of Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics to Tree Improvement    (View PDF)
Yinghua Huang, David F. Karnosky and C. G. Tauer
Avoidance of Drought Injury and Minimum Irrigation in a Mediterranean Climate: The Requirement for Acclimatized (Hardened) Plants    (View PDF)
Roy M. Sachs and David A. Shaw
Effects of Storage Temperatures and Duration on the Performance of Bareroot Deciduous Hardwood Trees    (View PDF)
John M. Englert, Leslie H. Fuchigami and Tony H. H. Chen
New Method for Breaking Korean Pine Seed Dormancy    (View PDF)
Yadong Qi, M.V. Bilan and K.L. Chin
Shoot Responses to Root Stress - A Resource Gathering Point of View    (View PDF)
D.S. Neuman

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