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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 18, No. 4 Contents July 1992
Strategies for Reducing Water Input in Woody Landscape Plantings    (View PDF)
A.M. Smith and D.A. Rakow
A Statistical Method for the Accurate and Rapid Sampling of Urban Street Tree Populations    (View PDF)
R. Jaenson, N. Bassuk, S. Schwager, and D. Headley
Control of Peachtree Borer using Entomopathogenic Nematodes    (View PDF)
Stanton Gill, John A. Davidson, Michael J. Raupp
Street Tree Location and Sidewalk Management Preferences of Urban Householders    (View PDF)
Robert Sommer and Christina L. Cecchettini
Effects of Pruning and Bark Ringing on Total Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Crabapple    (View PDF)
Michael A. Schnelle and James E. Klett
Effect of Root Pruning Prior to Transplanting on Establishment of Southern Magnolia in the Landscape    (View PDF)
Edward F. Gilman
Determining Strength Loss from Decay    (View PDF)
E. Thomas Smiley and Bruce R. Fraedrich
Marketing Arboricultural Services    (View PDF)
John Ball
Ecological Aspects of Herbicide Usage on Power Line Rights-Of-Way    (View PDF)
Robert L. Geier, Siegfried Guggenmoos and Neil Theissen
Susceptibility of Oaks to Root-Knot Nematodes    (View PDF)
Frank S. Santamour, Jr.

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