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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 16, No. 6 Contents June 1990
The use of Seasonal Foliar Color changes to Diagnose Stress in Eastern White Pine    (View PDF)
Michael J. Weaver and R. Jay Stipes
The Importance of Diversity in Selecting Trees for Urban Areas    (View PDF)
A.G. Endress
Pheromone Trapping Applications for Monitoring European Elm Bark Beetle Populations    (View PDF)
Christopher R. Yonker
Crown Density and its Correlation to Girdling Root Syndrome    (View PDF)
Robert P. d'Ambrosio
Estimating Radiation received by a Person under Different Species of Shade Trees    (View PDF)
Robert D. Brown and Terry J. Gillespie
Host Checklist of Root-Knot Nematodes on Broad-Leaved Landscape Trees    (View PDF)
Frank S. Santamour, Jr. and Janet McCray Batzli

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