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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 16, No. 4 Contents April 1990
Foliar and Growth Effects of Repetitive Summer Horticultural Oil Sprays on Trees and Shrubs Under Drought Stress    (View PDF)
John A. Davidson, Stanton A. Gill, and Michael J. Raupp
Evaluation of Biorational Pesticides for use in Arboriculture    (View PDF)
David G. Nielsen
Efficacy of Summer Oil Spray on Thirteen Commonly Occurring Insect Pests    (View PDF)
R.W. Baxendale and W.T. Johnson
Urban Forests in the Desert?    (View PDF)
Ervin H. Zube and Christina B. Kennedy
Tree Cheers for Arboriculture    (View PDF)
Allan S. Mickelson
Care of Plants in a Wooded Landscape    (View PDF)
Ray Rothenberger
Correction: Recognizing the Larvae of Key Pests and Beneficials Found on Woody Landscape Plants    (View PDF)
Michael J. Raupp

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