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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 11, No. 8 Contents August 1985
Common Street Trees and their Pest Problems in the North Central United Stated    (View PDF)
D. G. Nielsen, E. R. Hart, M. E. Dix, M. J. Linit, J. E. Appleby, M. Ascerno, D. L. Mahr, D. A. Potter, and J. A. Jones
Seasonal Detection of Visible Dutch Elm Disease Symptoms    (View PDF)
William N. Cannon Jr., Jack H. Barger, and Laurie L. Groth
Residential Forest Structure in Urban and Suburban Environments: Some Wildlife Implications in New England    (View PDF)
Richard M. DeGraaf
A New Eradication Strategy for Small, Remote Gypsy Moth Infestations    (View PDF)
Paul Appelt
Economic Effectiveness of Operational Therapeutic Pruning for Control of Dutch Elm Disease    (View PDF)
F. A. Baker and D. W. French
Species Adapted for Street-Tree Environments in Iowa    (View PDF)
Paul H. Wray and Carl W. Mize

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