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Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Online
Vol. 11, No. 2 Contents February 1985
Tree Size Affects Root Regeneration and Top Growth after Transplanting    (View PDF)
Gary Watson
Distribution Tree Clearance Program at Baltimore Gas and Electric    (View PDF)
Thomas D. Mayer
Effect of Tree Size, Hole Location, and Wetwood Fluxing on Healing of Injection Wounds in American Elms    (View PDF)
Robert W. Stack
Illinois Arborist Certification    (View PDF)
John R. Hendricksen
Developing Administrative Skills    (View PDF)
Dennis L. Lynch
Suppression of Bacterial Leaf Scorch Symptoms in American Elm Through Oxytetracycline Microinjection    (View PDF)
S.J. Kostka, T.A. Tattar, and J.L Sherald
Growth Retardant Use By Utility Companies    (View PDF)
Howard Bowles
Defending Street Trees Against Road Salt in Denmark    (View PDF)
Niels Hvass

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